September 2017

David A Goodman Elected Writers Guild President

Most people know David A. Goodman as a producer for Family Guy, but did you know that he's also a talented TV writer? Goodman has written for the classic show The Golden Girls as well as, more recently, Futurama, among other programs. Goodman was recently elected to the position of president of the president of the Writer's Guild of America West. It's a very high honor and has to be exciting for Goodman, whose career is already filled with accolades for his talents.

Let's Talk About Bonnie

Whether she's being passive aggressive or threatening to shoot her husband to re-paralyze him, Bonnie Swanson is a pretty interesting character on Family Guy. She's probably been the record holder of the world's longest pregnancy in a cartoon show, remaining pregnant with Susie for several seasons before giving birth to the baby (even Peter pointed it out and he's not one to notice much).