November 2017

When Family Guy is Tone Deaf

Like South Park and The Simpsons, Family Guy often offers commentary on pop culture and modern, relevant issues. Sometimes this comes off as hilarious but others it seems pretty tone deaf. Case in point, this year's Thanksgiving episode, which poked fun at an "awkward family dinner" between Woody Allen and Ronan Farrow, hinting that Farrow isn't Allen's son but Frank Sinatra's.

Director Parodies

As crude and sexist as Family Guy can be, the show often offers commentary on current events, celebrities and social issues that many viewers tune in just to see. In a recent episode titled "Three Directors," the three are asked to tell the same story but through their own lense. It was entertaining enough, but when Peter asks Lois what she thought and she said the entire episode stank, she wasn't really wrong. The development and jokes weren't stellar or anything, even though there were some laughs to be had.