January 2018

Worst Character of All Time

We talk a lot about which Family Guy characters are our favorites and it's easy to choose betweent the various personalities on the show. Both men and women love Lois (often for different reasons), and Brian, Stewie and Peter are often cited as favorites by fans. Then there are some fans who choose Meg or Chris, and may even choose guest characters like the mayor or Peter's boss for their star power, but we don't often discuss our LEAST favorite characters.

Watch the Latest Episode of Family Guy

Miss the latest episode of Family Guy? You can stream it right now on Fox and catch up with your favorite show! Season 16, episode 10 is titled, "Boy (Dog) Meets Girl (Dog)." The synopsis says that Brian becomes a show dog in order to get close to a female show dog he's attracted to. Longtime fans know that this isn't the first time Brian has become attracted to another dog even though he normally prefers human women.

Behind on the show? The last few episodes are available for viewing as are some clips and other bonus features. That's the best place to find show previews as well.

Family Guy Facebook Stickers

Did you know that you can use Family Guy stickers on Facebook to make your posts more Brian, Peter and Lois-ish? You can check them out here and use them in honor of the upcoming 300th episode in your chats. There's a wide variety of fun stickers you can use, from Peter riding a lion to a suspicious Joe, crying Stewie to a classic martini-holding Brian. There's also an unshaven, hangover Brian pouring himself a cup of joe.