February 2018

Family Guy Valentines

Forget to bring Valentines to the office, Family Guy lover? Fear not; you can print out a million of these featuring Meg Griffin to distribute among your buddies. Nope, it's not romantic in the least, but it pretty much represents Family Guy in a nutshell. 

Not into the Valentine cards? Find some Family Guy boxer shorts to give the love of your day. Try the famous cherubic Stewie with hearts or another design. Brian is always popular when it comes to celebrating love... right?

Interview with Chris Griffin

Are you a big Chris Griffin fan? Whether you love it when Chris is being stupid and clueless and, well, Chris, or surprisingly poignant, he's definitely an interesting character to watch on Family Guy. Recently Seth Green gave a great interview not only about the character but show in general for TV Line. If you are a fan of the show and especially of Chris, you definitely need to check it out.