So... Is Stewie Gay or What?

So... Is Stewie Gay or What?

With each new Family Guy episode, we think we know a little bit more about the diabolical psyche that makes up Stewie Griffin’s mind. The plots, the deception, the maniacal grinning and blasé dips with death… and then all of the sudden—whoa! We get a curveball. It could be in the form of Stewie actually liking Lois, or actually taking solace from his friendship with Brian…or Stewie being attracted to men?

We’ve had a lot of evidence thrown our way indicating that Stewie is, indeed, gay. Let’s recap:

  • Stewie has worn makeup, dressed as a woman, and solicited Brian, asking him, “See anything you like?” while strutting past; he’s also wanted to kiss Brian.
  • After Brian explained the details about “Anal Point” to him, Stewie responded that he’d rather be the parking space instead of the car, to which Brian noted that he had suspected as much.
  • He’s remarked, “My god, wouldn’t it be marvelous if I turned out to be a homosexual?”
  • When Brian idly told a drunken Stewie, “You’re drunk,” Stewie responded, “You’re sexy.”
  • In addition to a woman, Stewie has dressed as a half-nude cop and cowboy.
  • After having the concept of homosexuality explained to him, Stewie said, “Oh, is that what gay is? Oh, yeah. I could totally get into that.”
  • When Brian and Stewie are singing and Brian says Stewie’s going to marry a honey named Ted, Stewie sings, “Oh, a gay joke,” to which Brian responds, “I just work with what you give me.”
  • Buff Rupert. Need we say more?

But IS Stewie gay? We’ve also seen him fall in love with everyone from a daycare peer to Joe’s daughter to Olivia—whom he actually married and subsequently tried to kill. He tried to be a “real man” for the last example as well, even trying to make his “package” look bigger. He also throws random “sexy parties” with women in scantily clad underwear. Grown Stewie even attempted to sleep with a coworker—but only at the insistence of child-Stewie from the past. Grown Stewie was actually content to remain a virgin in his rundown “bachelor pad.”

“We haven’t ever really locked into it because we get a lot of good jokes from both sides, but we treat him oftentimes as if we were writing a gay character,” says Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane.

What’s your verdict? Is Stewie gay, or maybe bisexual? Or is it simply another hackneyed Family Guy plot device thrown in to keep us laughing?