Is Family Guy Actually Any Good?

Can you believe that Family Guy is 20 years old? It's amazing that it's been around this long, but people are actually still wondering whether or not it's actually any good. Yes, it makes us laugh sometimes, but a lot of the jokes feel recycled or like an attempt to be "edgy" when they really just come off as annoying. The Simpsons have had the same issue in the past with some viewers, as has the show South Park.

To Kill a Character

Let's face it: we all get tired of characters over the years, and our favorite dramas usually take them out now and then to keep things fresh and ensure we don't get too attached, or that we cry ourselves to sleep. Either way, it works for dramas, but what about comedies? We don't usually experience death in comedic TV shows but when characters get overused, sometimes it's time to move on.

Family Guy Is Cutting Gay Jokes

In the wake of so much upset over the new woke Gilette commercial about toxic masculinity, many of us are wondering how everything can be reframed with a positive masculine mindset. It's honestly not that hard to think of ideas, but it can be hard to break old habits and form new pathways--at least until they, too, become habits. It's like changing any other pattern of behavior and I can't commend Family Guy enough for deciding to nix the gay jokes.

20 Greatest Family Guy Hits

After 20 years, Family Guy is celebrating their 20 biggest hits with this DVD compilation of the show's episodes with hit song numbers. Yes, it's as cringey as it sounds, especially if you already own the DVDs otherwise, but hey, if you love the musical numbers than this is the collection for you! The collection boasts a bunch of extras, too, so maybe it's not just double what's already in your DVD collection. 

Family Guy Pays Tribute to Carrie Fisher

It's so easy for all of the feels regarding Carrie Fisher to pop up randomly, what with so much Star Wars merchandise, advertising and culture in general afoot. As much as the geek culture saturation is so exciting for those of us who used to hide our comic books in our math books to read at school, it's also always there, and we won't stop missing Leia anytime soon.

Season 16 Deleted Scene

At only 17 seconds, the deleted scene from season 16 of Family Guy isn't Lord of the Rings worthy in terms of how much content it adds to already-aired episodes, but it's still a fun piece of bonus content that's now available online given that the season is out on DVD. You can click to watch the bonus animation here to see how Stewie thinks it's important to maintain his core health.

Family Guy on Hulu

Did you hear the news? Hulu has acquired exclusive streaming rights for Family Guy. That means if you want to catch all of the old episodes you'll have to get an account, which, at less than $8 per month, is a steal, especially if you can watch any episode you want at any time. It's even better than having the DVDs since you don't even have to get up to switch them to find your favorite episodes; you just surf through and pick them from the lineup.

Vernon the Water Bear

Water bears are a big thing in my house. We even joke that Sally, our cat so fluffy she has no neck, is one, calling her "Tardigrade," among other things. Family Guy featured a new character last night known as Vernon the Water Bear, and if you didn't already hear, Kyrie Irving, point guard of the Boston Celtics, voiced the character! Of course, the tardigrades in the episode aren't nearly as cute as the real thing; in fact, they look like pink, fleshy monsters more than anything else, but they're pretty funny.


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