The Worst And Best Episodes Ever

When it comes to Family Guy (and any of our favorite shows, really; I could definitely do this for Parks and Recreation or Supernatural), many of us could easily think of our favorite episode. We could also probably come up with our least favorite one on the spot while we're at it! But how many of us have ever really put a list together rating our top five or ten favorites against our top five or ten most hated episodes?

Stewie's POV

Mom. Mommy. Mama. Mom. Mom...

Even those who don't watch Family Guy on the regular know who Stewie Griffin is. One of the most meme-able faces of our time just happens to belong to a foul-mouthed, weirdly British baby with plans for world domination or, at the very least, the Freudian destruction of his own mother. Fun! One of the many things that don't make sense about Stewie is the fact that nobody in the Griffin household understands what he says save for his BFF, the family dog and heavy drinker, Brian.

Mandy Moore Guest Stars

If you missed Family Guy over the weekend, close this tab now because there be spoilers ahead, matey.

Remember how we were promised the many children of Quagmire (and how we met Anna Lee before), and it's pretty likely that the promiscuous buddy of Peter Griffin would have a bunch of kids he didn't know about? Well season 17, episode 15, not only is Courtney one of his long lost children all grown up, but she's also voiced by none other than Mandy Moore.

Too Much For TV

Family Guy likes to push the envelope to the point of being edgy for edgy's sake, which is often annoying. When their jokes are clever and on point, we laugh so hard, but sometimes they just try to get by with shocking people instead of making them laugh, which seems rather lazy and unproductive to many fans.

Family Guy Renewed For Another Season

Was there ever really a doubt that Family Guy might not be renewed after this season? Despite criticism, many of this season's episodes were funnier than usual, and many seem more "woke" than the show was in the past (although I'd argue it still has plenty of steps to go before it reaches the goal of the pedometer of society). Fans can rejoice in the news that Family Guy has been renewed for another season. 

How Well Do You Know Lois Griffin?

Online quizzes are abundant enough to come in a wide variety of qualities, yet they remain one of our favorite ways to celebrate our fandoms. Yesterday I bombed a tough Harry Potter quiz despite winning Harry Potter trivia at a local event so it just goes to show that it depends on how it's written, what you know and how big of a fan you are! This quiz celebrates the Griffin family matriarch, Lois, and asks just how well you know Lois Griffin.

Is Family Guy Actually Any Good?

Can you believe that Family Guy is 20 years old? It's amazing that it's been around this long, but people are actually still wondering whether or not it's actually any good. Yes, it makes us laugh sometimes, but a lot of the jokes feel recycled or like an attempt to be "edgy" when they really just come off as annoying. The Simpsons have had the same issue in the past with some viewers, as has the show South Park.


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