Brian Griffin Gives Snoop Dogg A Run For His Money

Brian Griffin is the favorite Family Guy character for many a fan. He's often the voice of reason for the family (except when he's really, really not), he's a writer who procrastinates and drinks like so many other writers do, and he's Stewie's best buddy in the most hilarious way. But did you know that Brian is also adept at the art of singing classic Snoop songs like "Deep Cover"?

Which Hogwarts Houses Would Family Guy Characters Belong To?

Sorting favorite characters into their Hogwarts Houses has become something of a cultural phenomenon, and it's fun to speculate about which of our fandoms has the most Gryffindors, Ravenclaws, Hufflepuffs or Slytherins. Many even combine multiple houses, sorting their favorites into Gryffinpuffs or Raverins. 

Who Is The Most Annoying Character?

There's often a fine line between what's annoying and what's funny when it comes to Family Guy, right? Some characters are just annoying all of the time, and while they deliver a few laughs, you can't help but wince when they're on the screen. Others are often annoying in various ways that get on our nerves, but not enough to where we don't want to watch the show anymore.

Emmy Campaign Continues

If you've been following the Family Guy Emmy campaigns, you know that the show usually does something silly in a spoof of something relevant in the news or an actual contender--like Game of Thrones, which they did a few weeks ago. Now they're making fun of the college admissions scandal with an image that says they've "earned" the Emmy, complete with their heads photoshopped on a bunch of rowers at school.


If you've a longtime follower of Family Guy, you've probably noticed how much the show has changed over the years. This piece by Screen Rant really goes into detail about the different changes we've seen happen on the show, from the changes in Meg's personality to Stewie's evolution from matricidal maniac to generic evil genius baby. 

Family Guy Makes A Jab At Game Of Thrones

Every time Family Guy tries to get Emmy votes, many people find it hilarious. This year they're after the vote for Game of Thrones, likely because it's the show's last season and many are tuning in to see what happens in Westeros. While it's quite unlikely that Peter Griffin will end up on the Iron Throne, recent events on the show make it look like anything is possible.


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