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KLAT USERS: Cast your Vote in my stupid poll!

Tony Danza vs. Erik Estrada

Click here to vote.  I am not going to sit here and validate reasons for both sides.  Quite simply, I would like to ask Klat users a question that has been twenty years in the making.

Tony Danza, or Erik Estrada?

I’m not asking which of these two clowns you prefer, as the collective sum of their fans probably runs somewhere under ten, and they’re probably not reading, anyway.  I’d like to know who is funnier…AGAIN, I know that there is nothing funny about these two stooges, excluding their pitiful personas.  I’ll say it a different way.

When I was a kid, my friend (whose name just happened to be Erik) and I started telling people “Maybe that’s why nobody likes you.”  But you couldn’t just say it randomly; the best results of the line came when the unsuspecting victim was voicing some type of insecurity or self-doubt.  Most people dismissed it, but some would agree.  In either case, their reactions were usually funny. 

As an adult I do not find humor in casting self-doubt onto already insecure teenagers.  But these two jokers are fair game.

Imagine each of their reactions, and gauge the potential humor.  I’m not sure whose reaction would be funnier.  But I do know that it would be poorly spoken.