How has Family Guy changed over the years?

If you've a longtime follower of Family Guy, you've probably noticed how much the show has changed over the years. This piece by Screen Rant really goes into detail about the different changes we've seen happen on the show, from the changes in Meg's personality to Stewie's evolution from matricidal maniac to generic evil genius baby. 

To me, many of the changes have been for the better but some are for the worse. I think Meg's storytelling is a bit on the lazy side, and I would like to see a better portrayal of her character on the show rather than just the random person everyone rips on. I do like how the show has veered away from Simpsons tactics as well as the improved animation over the years. The look of the characters is also better than it was duing the first season. 

In which ways have you noticed the show change? Which changes do you like and what do you miss?

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