Family Guy Halloween Ideas

All the things that make you... you know what

Are any of you Family Guy fanatics planning on celebrating the show in costume this Halloween? There are more Family Guy costumes available than I ever even knew. Looking for one today, I saw that there's even a "woman's Brian costume" that's pretty much just a white dress with boots, ears and a martini glass! You can get masks for a lot of characters, too, like Stewie and Quagmire.

Of course, the coolest costumes I've run across involve groups of friends who made their own costumes and went as the whole family together. Many of these are fantastic, especially when whoever dresses as Peter stuffs his shirt to be full enough to match Griffin's own body type. I've even seen a Hubert, complete with walker.

Are you wearing a Family Guy costume? If so, which one? If not, which is the best one you've seen so far?

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