Linda Cardellini Interview

Remember when MacFarlane fired her?

I love James Corden so much, and when he recently made an innocent comment on his show I had to wonder if it was accidental or not. His reaction seemed genuine enough, but I'm still left wondering if he tried to poke a beehive to get a bit of drama going.

He suggested that Linda Cardellini be on Family Guy, and she said it was funny he should say that because she WAS on the show and Seth MacFarlane replaced her without notice! She had told people she'd be on the show and was surprised to find out that nope, she wasn't on it after filming after all. Wow.

You can see the whole video here and it makes me wonder how often this happens in Hollywood. We often hear about how so-and-so was originally cast for a role and then later replaced, but we don't often hear about the actors' reactions!

Do you think Cardellini should be on the show again for old time's sake? Maybe she wouldn't even if asked! I wouldn't blame her.

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