Peter's Changes Over The Years

What have you noticed?

Ask me how Peter Griffin's look has evolved over the years and I'm honestly not able to report much from memory alone. I haven't paid that close attention to the show's animation to really recall how Peter once looked versus how he looks today, and I would have to look it up. Luckily there's this video to remind us.

Just by glancing at the still I'm reminded of Peter's old sideburns look, and I see that some of these looks aren't ones that he necessarily bore on the show but in flashbacks we've seen from his life--which still count, of course. As far as human beings go, he really hasn't evolved all that much--but for a cartoon character, it's pretty impressive. Lois's transformations have had a similar effect over the years.

What changes in the Griffin family have you noticed over the years? Which looks were your favorites?

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