Season 16 Deleted Scene

See it here!

At only 17 seconds, the deleted scene from season 16 of Family Guy isn't Lord of the Rings worthy in terms of how much content it adds to already-aired episodes, but it's still a fun piece of bonus content that's now available online given that the season is out on DVD. You can click to watch the bonus animation here to see how Stewie thinks it's important to maintain his core health. Many fans wish for more bonus content with the show, especially in terms of deleted scenes, but with an animated program it's just not always going to happen.

For a full listing of all of the deleted scenes from Family Guy over the years, click here. Most are also available to watch on YouTube, and if you have the DVD boxed sets at home you have probably already seen them all.

Which Family Guy deleted scenes have been your favorites? Share them in the chat.

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