Trump Guy

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The hype for the big Trump Guy episode is now over, and many people are shocked at what happened on the episode of Family Guy where Trump was royally roasted. I get where the shock over what happens on a channel like Fox, which is as conservative and anti-news as it gets, but I don't get the shock over the content. Honestly on any given day Trump himself has done much worse and at this point it's more shocking to me when people are surprised at anything. How did we get so jaded in such a short time span? We've all had enough of the Hitler comments but honestly it's understandable how such a hateful person became so accepted in such a short timespan. There are plenty of other examples throughout history, too.

For me, the highlight of the episode was obviously Justin Trudeau saving the day. Like all politicians, Trudeau isn't perfect, but man is he something to behold. He reminds me of our Obama days when it was much easier to be proud of the country. Of course, Obama wasn't without his flaws, either, and at least Trump helps us remember all of the problems we have to face (while, you know, creating new ones on top of them).

What did you think of Trump Guy?

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