The Worst And Best Episodes Ever

Rate your top 10!

When it comes to Family Guy (and any of our favorite shows, really; I could definitely do this for Parks and Recreation or Supernatural), many of us could easily think of our favorite episode. We could also probably come up with our least favorite one on the spot while we're at it! But how many of us have ever really put a list together rating our top five or ten favorites against our top five or ten most hated episodes?

It's a trend popping up all over the Internet, and rating your favorites is always fun (especially since it's not as much fun anymore now that Netflix doesn't have its old rating system for us to play with), so why not give it a go? Whether you love or hate Kiss Saves Christmas (I LOVE that one), the many famous parodies, Stewie's vengeful plots or the many Joe, Cleveland and Quagmire plots, share which ones are the best--and which ones are the worst in the chat.

Need some reminders? Here's a fun list of five best and five worst episodes to get you thinking.


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