January 2010

Business Guy Review

This is one of those episodes that surprises me with how funny it is, and suckers me into watching Family Guy all over again.  Unfortunately, episodes of this quality only happen about once a season, and the rest of the time we're treated to an endless supply of cut-away jokes and Meg bashing.

Business Guy features a truly stellar cast, including Hugh Laurie, Nana Visitor, and the two guys from The Big Bang Theory.  I don't know why they pulled out all the stops for an episode buried 3/4ths of the way through the season, but there you have it.  

Amnesia: Family Guy Goes There

The most recent Family Guy episode "Big Man On Hippocampus" (season 8 episode 10 original air date 1/03/10) explores territory that even I never thought it would stoop to: Peter gets hit on the head, and comes down with a nasty case of amnesia.  Really!  

If it's wrong to nitpick the medical inaccuracies of Family Guy, then I don't want to be right.

Peter appears to have lost everything out of his head (I mean, what little was in there in the first place).  At one point, Lois has to tell him what a knife is.  (Thus leading us into a Crocodile Dundee joke which was both inevitable and staler than the half a tube of Saltine crackers sitting in the back of my cupboard right now.  But to give the writers credit, they half pulled that gag out of its nose dive with Peter's musing "I want to see that guy everywhere, and then never again.")