August 2010

Family Guy: Streaming on Netflix

I have been waiting for this day for what seems like forever!

Have you missed a couple of shows and need to catch up on all the shenanigans of Peter, Stewie, Lois, Chris, Brian... and Meg? Family Guy can now be streamed (on your TV, computer, enabled device) directly from Netflix! I am so happy about this because now I can sit there and watch show after show completely commercial free... no interruptions to the hilarity means more Griffin love and less distraction.

If you have been living under a rock (or kidnapped and held against your will in a musty basement) Netflix is a service where you can watch all the movies you want (streamed or delivered) for a low flat fee - depending on the options you choose.

Where No Family Has Gone Before (Part 1)

As a television show, Family Guy has made quite a name for itself, satirizing religion, political correctness, pop culture, racial and ethnic stereotypes, stereotypes of racial and ethnic stereotypes, and the drug problems of various celebrities. What keeps Family Guy  from getting too comfortable with the crap at the bottom of the barrel is its smart take on two loves of the show's  creator, Seth MacFarlane - Star Trek and Star Wars. To date, Family Guy has released two full-length  Star Wars parodies - "Blue Harvest", "Something, Something, Something Dark Side", with the upcoming "It's A Trap!" set for DVD release in December. While the Star Wars-themed episodes are very popular in their own right (seriously, just look at the detail of their Wikipedia articles), I'm going to focus on MacFarlane's other science fiction love. I daresay there'll be enough written about the Star Wars episodes. Well, that, and I haven't seen any of the Star Wars movies (nope, not even the originals).

Where No Family Has Gone Before (Part 2)

When James Woods made his return to Family Guy in 2005's "Peter's Got Woods", Peter mentions that his bizarre encounter with the actor reminded him of a creepy episode of Star Trek. The inevitable cutaway takes us to the bridge of the Enterprise-D - an (animated) Picard remarks that Worf's forehead "looks like a fanny", causing the whole crew (even the android Data) to burst out laughing. "Suck my ridges!", Worf barks, before Picard tells him to get a sense of humor.

Family Guy Characters: Jillian

I happened to catch a whole slew of Family Guy episodes over the weekend, several of which featured Jillian.  I hadn't seen Jillian in a while, and I was surprised anew by how funny the Jillian stories and scenes really are.

It must be said that Jillian is a stereotypical "dumb blonde," which is a stereotype that really needs to die.  Jillian is so stupid in fact that one wonders how she makes it through life at all.  In one scene, Brian distracts her from her line of thought (they should go out dancing tonight) by panning a flashlight over the wall.  She leaps for the spot and scrabbles at it, like a kitty cat.

Two things elevate Jillian's deal to above average:

1.    Jillian makes everyone else look bad by how petty and unkind they are in their treatment of her.