November 2010

"Brian Writes a Bestseller"

Just in time to hit hopeful NaNoWriMo participants right in the Tender Vittles, this strangely joyless episode was a real departure for the series. 

This season has seen a lot of deviation from the Family Guy norm, but fans will certainly be talking about this episode for years to come.  And my guess is, not necessarily in a good way.

 It reminded me in many ways of the classic Futurama episode "Jurassic Bark."  You know; the one with Fry's dog.  Yeah, that one.  It was remarkable mostly for its departure from the show's normal tone, as was "Brian Writes a Bestseller." 

"Baby, You Knock Me Out"

I was pretty stoked for an episode where Lois becomes a boxer, because Lois is awesome, and she does awesome things, with awesomeness.  Sadly, as far as I'm concerned, this episode can go on record as categorically being one of the 10 worst Family Guy episodes of all time. 

The story is functionally equivalent to a (far, far better) episode of King of the Hill.  There were precious few laughs.  And the conclusion - that Lois should set aside her rage and go back to being Peter's uncomplaining housewife - was all kinds of wrong.

"Halloween on Spooner Street"

This, the first ever Family Guy Halloween episode, attempts to juggle three full storylines, any one of which could have formed the basis of a episode on its own. 

In the first story, Stewie learns about trick-or-treating, and some mean kids take his candy.  In the second story, it's Quagmire's turn to be the subject of the guys' annual Halloween prankery.  In the third, Meg is invited to Connie D'Amico's Halloween party, and chooses to attend dressed in a slutty cat outfit.

Each of these stories has one "Wha?" and one moment of super awesomeness.  Throw it all together, and this is one hot bowl of jumbled scenes.  Is that good or bad?  I don't know.  It's a thing.