December 2011

"Grumpy Old Man"

This episode had some funny bits and some boring bits. There ya go.
This is going to be a difficult episode for me to review, because apparently it wasn't very memorable. Meaning, I sat down to write this review, and realized that I didn't remember the episode. I hadn't been drinking, and I wasn't engaged in another project while I watched it; I have no excuse. 
I even took notes, but not very helpful ones. I took five notes, and none of them has anything to do with the plot, or the episode as a whole:
1. The joke about the way that every pizza place ruins salad in the exact same way was hilarious. They killed me with the final flourish about setting the lasagna pan of salad atop a stack of hot pizza boxes!

Five Great Family Guy Quotes

Even though Family Guy creator Seth McFarlane mentioned in an October interview that he feels Family Guy should have ended, I won’t get tired of Family Guy until the quotes stop being fantastic.  When I first started watching the show many moons ago the cut away scenes were my favorite parts.  Now I watch the show listening for quotes to add to my list of favorites.  In all honesty my list of favorite quotes expands with almost every episode, five of my all-time favorite quotes are:

"Cool Hand Peter"

Maybe I should give the horrible, risky failures more credit. At least they aren't boring.


This was a competent episode. Workmanlike. It didn't take a lot of chances, and it didn't make a lot of funny. Which is worse? An episode that dares to take chances and then fails at them horribly, or an episode that completely phones it in? It's hard to say. I certainly dislike the horrible failures a lot more, but maybe I should give them credit. At least they aren't boring.
There were precisely three things that I liked about this episode:
1. The scene where the wine-drunk wives trick Brian into coming into the living room and pontificating about the latest Jonathan Franzen novel, only to pounce and shove him into a bee costume.