March 2017

Do You Snooze to Family Guy?

In a recent survey, it was revealed that over 58% of people surveyed admit to watching TV before they doze off for the night. Doctors tell us not to view screens for at least 30 minutes before sleep for better rest—and research does say that those who refrain from TV viewing at night do enjoy more, better sleep—but it can be soothing for some people, particularly those who sleep alone.

Family Guy Takes on NFL Concussions

As with any pop culture television show, Family Guy is wont to poke fun at various current events and culture. In this week’s episode, we saw Stewie get a concussion during a football game (while Brian called for him to do something Facebook post-worthy). His broken little body lay sprawled at every angle, but Brian was told to stay back because he “may have a concussion,” which seemed to be an understatement.

Peter Griffin Grievances

Love or hate Family Guy, most people cannot deny that Peter Griffin is one of the biggest tools on TV. He’s so terrible that you almost pity him; exactly what goes on in that brain? We all pity Lois, for sure, and wonder just why she married him in the first place. Perhaps she really wanted a child and couldn’t wait to get pregnant so she married a completely helpless baby-man.