June 2017

Character of the Week: Stewie Griffin

Criminal mastermind, loan shark, infant... Stewie Griffin is a lot of things! Even though he speaks with the eloquence of a British scholar and has a Freudian love/hate relationship with his mother as a baby, he still believes that his teddy bear is alive and has no idea how to use the potty. His best friend is the family dog, Brian, but their relationship is more of an intellectual one than the typical baby loves doggie scenario.

Character of the Week: Lois Griffin

She's the glue that holds the Griffin clan together. Lois Griffin is something of a legend, and not because of her groupie days, either. She's funny, generally level-headed and either the target of everyone's sexual fantasies (Brian, Quagmire, etc.) or wrath (Stewie). Even people who watch the show find themselves attracted to the cartoon mom for some reason. It makes you wonder about the nature of cartoons, though, since Meg looks a lot like her mom but everyone pretty much just hates on her.