October 2017

New Giant Chicken on Family Guy

The Giant Chicken on Family Guy has been a show staple for a long time to the point where some fans have complained that the running joke has worn out its freshness. It was funny to watch Peter battle the chicken the first several times, especially when he moved back into the show's actual plot again afterward (prompting fans to wonder if the entire thing happened just to fill in a few minutes for time purposes), but running jokes can get old. Of course, I still crack up anytime Kenny is killed on South Park, so to each their own.

Carrie Fisher Guest Stars on Family Guy

If you're like me, the thought of a world without Carrie Fisher still rips your heart apart. I saw the trailer of The Last Jedi today and it just burned in my chest. As much as I miss her, I do look forward to seeing her one last time. Family Guy fans can also look forward to a final cameo that Fisher recorded for this season airing next month.