March 2018

World of Warcraft Meets Family Guy

It's been ages since South Park did it and now Family Guy is jumping on the World of Warcraft bandwagon. We're about to see an episode where Family Guy meets the popular game on April 1, and no, it's not a joke! Based on the images released, Stewie may be a paladin and Peter may be an orc, but really, who knows? It's just a promo image so anything could happen.

Stewie's Fake Accent

For some of us, the news is even more astonishing than Stewie coming out of the closet recently. A fake accent? No!

Obviously the accent had to be fake, given Peter and Lois's distinctively American accents, but we all hoped it was because of something like Stewie being adopted or simply more cultured than his family. Maybe he picked it up watching TV. Who knows? But none of us ever thought it was a totally fake accent!

It was all a lie...

Chris As Quagmire's Secretary

It's bad enough that so many women are willing to sleep with Quagmire as it is. (I'd ask how or why, but I've known too many people of all genders who have the same strange combination of appeal and disgusting personalities.) It's worse when he's so booked up with sexual partners that he hires Chris Griffin to be his secretary, managing all of his "dates" as they come and go.