Family Guy Makes A Jab At Game Of Thrones

Annual Emmy mailer depicts Peter on the Iron Throne

Every time Family Guy tries to get Emmy votes, many people find it hilarious. This year they're after the vote for Game of Thrones, likely because it's the show's last season and many are tuning in to see what happens in Westeros. While it's quite unlikely that Peter Griffin will end up on the Iron Throne, recent events on the show make it look like anything is possible.

According to this year's Emmy mailer, those invited should vote for Family Guy if they plan on voting for Game of Thrones "due to a printing error." This seems like a legit tactic for the FOX network, particularly regarding elections, and we could see them advocating something similar in a real life scenario. As sobering as that thought is in a nation where voter suppression is a real and scary tactic that many politicians continue to push, we can either laugh or cry these days and many find themselves chuckling once again over this year's campaign.

Do you think Family Guy deserves an Emmy? Why or why not?

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