December 2017

Best Lines of 2017

2017 saw a pretty wide variety of episodes from Family Guy, from the hilarious to the idiotic, and everyone has their favorites. The Family Guy Twitter feed is promoting the best TV lines of 2017 and you can check out some of the biggest fan favorites there. For example, there was the time that Peter explained "pass the jelly" and Lois's awesome remark about her father's will when Chris complained about only getting a dollar from him.

Kanye Canes

This week's episode of Family Guy featured some ripping on entertainer Kanye West. When Meg received a box of Kanye candy canes to decorate the Griffin house with for Christmas, she was treated to the talking candy's Kanye-like remarks. The candy canes said things like, "Kanye is the best," and, "You know I can't be stopped."